Digital Marketing & Strategy

As a social media agency we provide a full strategy which encompasses branded channels, social media guidelines, advertising campaigns to content creation and promotion. 

We can also provide you with aggregation tools to enable you to retrieve data via various social network platforms and collect the data into one place for you to analyse conversations about your brand more easily.

Digital Marketing & Strategy

Social Media

With billions of active users across all platforms, in 2021 social media has evolved into an unavoidable component of any marketing strategy. We will develop a thorough understanding of your business, who your target audience is and how your competitors utilise social media, from here we will identify the goals that you want to achieve and how we will measure the success of the campaign.

Digital Marketing & Strategy

Email Marketing

From growing your E-Mail database through clever techniques, to database segmentation, stunning design and delivery to deep analysis of the campaign, our E-Mail marketing process is a well thought out structured framework that undoubtedly works. After any E-Mail campaign we provide a report on opens, clicks, bounces and the number of people who have unsubscribed. This process allows us to gain a deeper understanding of your audience and optimise for future campaigns. 

Digital Marketing & Strategy

Influencer Marketing

In recent years influencer marketing has grown from a niche, misconstrued endeavour to one of the fastest growing marketing avenues now estimated to be worth 5-10 billion dollars. Influencer marketing provides brands with one of the highest ROI compared with traditional advertising methods.

Digital Marketing & Strategy


Zen specialise in result driven search engine optimisation (SEO) services that help clients increase their visibility and attract leads  through well executed campaigns. We work hard on not only improving your prominence within the search engines but also at helping your users engage with your website and increase your online conversions. 

Digital Marketing & Strategy


Zen has run paid advertising campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands and they wouldn't dream of engaging with us if we didn't know how to do it effectively. Competition is fierce and PPC requires careful planning, thorough research, keyword analysis and an understanding of the Quality Score Algorithm which Google Adwords uses.

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